Is Flourish Right For You?
  •  Are you tired of the speed dating feel of networking?
  •  Do you find yourself longing for friendships with other like-minded women?
  •  Do you feel isolated at work, either from working alone as a sole-proprietor or as the leader of other women?
  •  Do you ever wish you could network from your home and not lose precious work hours networking?
  • Would you love to be part of a networking group full of powerful business women?
  •  Would you like to be able to "do business" with women you like, trust and with whom you have established friendships?
Membership Requirements
  •  Must be either a business owner, in business development for your company, or a leader of your current company. OR be part of a philanthropic organization that benefits women and children. OR must provide a product or service that would be beneficial to women in business.
  •  Agree to the Member Code of Conduct.
  •  Agree to stay current with your membership dues.
Member Benefits
  •  You will have access to a thriving network of like-minded business women and entrepreneurs.
  • You will have a customizable business profile page posted on the Flourish Networking website.
  • You will have networking opportunities with members as well as the ability to be referred to non-member associates.
  •  You will have unlimited access to the rich resources among our membership database.
  •  You will have the opportunity for relational networking at your own pace and convenience.
  • You will have free entrance to the quarterly Flourish Networking events.
Flourish Member Pricing
After submitting your Flourish payment, you will automatically have access to your Flourish community.
option 1
16.95 monthly
$248 initiation fee required
  • billed monthly
  • $248 initiation required upon sign up
option 2
37.62 monthly
$248 initiation fee required*
  • billed monthly
  • *$248 initiation fee is split into 12 monthly payments of $20.67 included in $37.62 monthly payment. If membership is cancelled prior to 1 year, any outstanding balance on the initiation fee will be due in full upon cancellation. 
Yes! That's Me, I Want In! 
If you want to join a vibrant community of professional women that helps your professional life and your personal life thrive, Flourish is right for you. Fill out your information below and a chapter leader will be in touch soon. 
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