If you are looking for a community of real, authentic, and empowered connections, join Flourish Networking today!
"I was frustrated with typical networking events feeling forced and faked where it always felt like it was about the sale. Networking should be about developing real, authentic and empowered relationships with your tribe coming together in a way that creates business and growth."
Kristin McMahon, Founder and CEO, Flourish Networking™
If you are tired of traditional networking, you are not alone. 

It’s time for networking to be about connecting, not selling and shallow interaction.

I was living in Silicon Valley at the beginning of the tech boom. I was looking to make new friends and connections, yet as soon as I would meet someone, they would ask, “What do you do?” and would quickly walk away after learning I wasn't a match for them.
No conversation ensued or lingered. No follow-up questions were asked. 

Clearly it was assumed I didn’t bring them enough value in my current occupation. No matter what I said, I wasn't enough. I knew there had to be a better way to network and build professional relationships.

Over the last decade, I have focused on empowering women. More recently I have spent the last several years creating a community where professional women can connect with one another on their own time and on their own terms.  
Flourish Networking is the outcome.

Flourish Networking is a private, online networking group for professional business women who want to create authentic connections that last.

Flourish is for women who want to connect around common hobbies, interests, and experience. Flourish is for those who want to be a part of a local chapter of women focused on the same common goal of connecting, not just selling.

Flourish makes networking with women easy and comfortable.
How Flourish Is Changing Lives
Flourish Networking brings together, brilliant like-minded business women in a forum where we help and support each other while we build each other up talking about real life business issues. This group does exactly what I needed it to do for me and my business. 

Patsy Burdine
Flourish networking has exposed me to powerful business women who understand the business and life issues I deal with on a day in and day out basis. And as an added perk, it has brought me new clients as well. I love being a part of Flourish Networking. 
Jenny Gray
Flourish is an amazing group of strong powerful business women. Your business and your life will, well flourish by surrounding yourself with women such as this. Reach out, have coffee, play a round of golf, meet for wine, join a yoga class together and you will make new friends. This group is up for supporting you in all aspects of your life. I am proud to be a member of Flourish, I know you will be too​.
Dr. Bethany Cox
For me Flourish Networking has been the missing link that I have needed to expand my reach and to find my women that are going to lead me to leaders that will join my team. It completely changes my energy with the people that I am coming into contact with. People are contacting me to be part and they are all saying that they are interested in being part of Flourish Networking. Plus they are handing me business cards of women that they think should be part of the group as well. And I am seeing an incredible increase in sales. 
Mary Schmid
I love being a part of flourish networking. Not only have I met some incredible women but I have gotten a ton of great business out of it by making an effort to connect with the women in the group. It’s fun and super easy to network inside of Flourish.
Laura Gippert
  •   Are you longing to connect with other like-minded professional women without pressure? 
  •   Do you desire real, authentic and empowered networking on your terms without wasting your valuable work hours?
  •   Do you feel isolated at work, from either working alone or as the leader of other women?
  •  Join our community empowering you to flourish as a successful professional.
Benefits of Joining Flourish Networking™
Complimentary professional
headshot photo for your use.
Unlimited access to resources in our
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Opportunity for 
relational networking at your pace and and convenience
A business profile page on
Flourish Networking with a video commercial capability. 
Gain access to a thriving network of likeminded
businesswomen and entrepreneurs
Free entrance to your local Flourish Networking events
Training on Neuroscience and Networking 
Complimentary coaching sessions (only available in select locations)
Networking and referral opportunities with other members
If you are looking for a community of real, authentic, and empowered connections, join Flourish Networking today!
The Secret is Simple: Joining a Authentic Community
"When a woman steps into her brilliant power, lives are changed"
~ Kristin McMahon, Founder of Flourish Networking
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Connect Over Personal Hobbies
Develop Lasting Friendships
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